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Why I Love Demons and Flying

Man, what an awesome case! It had everything I love in life! Planes, demons, and a scared Dean!

Why I love demons:
1. I get to speak Latin which makes me sound really sexy.
2. They do the coolest thing with their eyes...wish I could do that, maybe one day.
3. They can make their heads turn around 360 degrees.
4. They have this sulfur smell which for some strange reason makes me hard.
5. They have sexy voices and can speak Latin (totally turns me on)
6. Dean hates them and that is too funny to me.

Why I love Flying:
1. I get to sit back and let someone else do the driving (I guess I do that a lot considering Dean drives the Impala 95% of the time).
2. The flight attendants look hot in those little skirts and the neckties.
3. I love the smell of stale recycled air.
4. The bathrooms are too cute with those silver toilet bowls and the blue liquid inside. Love the sound of the toilet flushing by the way, and the sink vanities are sturdy and can support a good deal of weight...
5. When the cabin pressure drops, Dean gets his hair totally messed up, and I can't help but to laugh my ass off.
6. I get to hear Dean humming Metallica while he tries to block out the sound of Donny and Marie from the guy next door (can't really blame Dean for being pissed about that one).
7. They have these cute little plastic trays with snack food and all the free water you could want.
8. Demons have nowhere to hide when they're stuck on a plane.
9. Dean and I joined the Mile High Club (damn, I didn't mean to type that...what if Dad reads this?)
10. Dean looks sexy as HELL in the flight attendant outfit I bought him. Something about a man in a skirt gets me really excited. 

Dad, if you're reading this please just ignore numbers 9-10. I'm drunk right now and I am not in  my right mind and naturally it's all Dean's fault.

You don't see this often...but Dean is scared to death, and I am so laughing my ass off at the moment!

Tags: demons, flying, possession
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