daddyhunter (daddyhunter) wrote in jerk_bitchunter,

Good Job

Hello boys.

Got a message from Jerry Panowski a few days ago. Said to pass along his thanks again for a job well done to you two. You apparently impressed him.

Heard through the grapevine that two men posing as federal agents slipped into the NTSB hangar where the wreckage from flight 2485 was stored. They have sketches of the two men. Luckily I trained you two better than to have gotten that sloppy. Whoever those people were better be more careful in the future, or I'm sure whoever trained them will put a foot right straddle their asses.

What's this about the Mile High Club? Something I should know about here? I know you two are prone to humpin' each other's legs at the oddest moments but shit like that . . . I KNOW I raised you better.

Know it's past Christmas now but Merry Anyway. Hope you didn't have too much trouble with Satan Claus.

P.S. Sam, son, you gotta stop dressin' your brother up like a girl.
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