bitchunter (bitchunter) wrote in jerk_bitchunter,

Jerk is Pissing Me Off Again!

Where is it written that I must share all of my secrets with Dean? Where is it written that I must bare my soul to him on a daily basis? Where it it written that he has a right to cut me off for the last three days because I won't tell him my deepest darkest secret (besides the one about  me screwing my own brother)? Can't he just let me have my privacy? And not only is he not giving me any, he's teasing me, rubbing up against me "accidentally", bending over entirely too long when he drops something, and it's enough to really piss me off! Maybe, I'll return the favor and cut him off until he stops acting like a cocktease. And to think...he calls me the bitch of this partnership; yet he's the one acting like a pissy little cunt because he's not getting his way.

OH, and one last thing, that mother fucker actually screwed two girls at the same time the other night; yet he won't even give me a little kiss, does that seem right to you?

BTW, we met Bloody Mary, bled from the eyes, and killed her. Just another day in the life of the Winchester Boys.
Tags: jerk
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