bitchunter (bitchunter) wrote in jerk_bitchunter,

Why Shapeshifters Suck

Dean and I were in St. Louis dealing with a shapeshifter and this is why I hate those bastards:

1. They kill women for no apparent reason.
2. They think its funny to frame innocent human males with the murders of the women.
3. They shed their slimy skins and it looks and smells like something Dean would throw up or crap up.
4. They hit people over the head and tie them up.
5. They say really hateful things that almost make me cry.
6. They practically molest people when they have them tied up in their evil lairs.
7. They like beating the crap out of people.
8. They take the expressions "knife-play and blood-kink" just a little too far.
9. They caused my brother to be be framed as a serial killer before he was buried six feet under.
10. They give Dean even more of a reason to be vain.

BTW, wish I could order me another Dean to play with on certain occasions; one without a knife preferably.

I can't even begin to tell you how much this excites me...

Tags: serial killer, shapeshifter
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