The Adventures of Jerk and Bitch

Hunters on the Run

The Supernatural Adventures of Jerk and Bitch
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Community Introduction:

Welcome to the adventures of Jerk and Bitch Winchester as they take a cross-country trek across the country looking for their missing father and their arch-nemesis the yellow-eyed demon. Check back weekly as the adventures unfold and the boys get closer to achieving their objectives.

You may join this community and make comments as you wish, but for right now, only the boys will have the opportunity to post entries. In time, volunteers may be asked to participate in the community and personify the roles of:

Daddy Winchester daddyhunter

the yellow-eyed demon yelloweyesd

and the the monster of the week monofweek

I may eventually even relinquish the role of Sammy to someone else, but Dean will always be taken by the moderatordarkestangelspn

Community Rules:

Simple, anything goes as far as your comments and the posts found within this community. Such things as violence, language, Wincest, homosexual acts, and references to the show are allowed. However, I do ask that you refrain from uploading adult-oriented graphics onto this community.

Check back often for updates to the community rules and casting opportunities. Meanwhile, email me if you are interested in playing a role (maintaining their personal journals as well as updating the community with posts), and I will touch base with you about why you want to play the role and find out what you think you can offer the community.


I'm a handsome devil with a flashy smile, made for porn lips, and I am sexy as hell if I might say so myself. I spend my life hunting down evil sons-of-bitches and protecting my brother bitchunter
while running from the FBI and getting laid as much as possible.

I am a freakishly tall man who some might call a geek, but I prefer the expression "well educated", and I love to manhandle my brother jerkhunter
into submission. I am prone to breaking bones, and I have head splitting visions from Hell. I am often found in dark dirty places and am currently on the lam.